Is Love A Chemical Reaction?

“It is a general conception that love is a divine feeling and only science can challenge the divinity and it may be disappointing for most of us but there is a science behind love. But again if it’s only about hormonal changes that are responsible for opposite sex attraction then why there are same sex relations? Science came up with another consumption of behavioral changes then. So let’s investigate it here – does science is behind the love?”

Love is feeling?

‘’Love’’ is the feel that everyone come across or feel throughout their life and owes to enjoy the pleasure overall their life time. No doubt arise with the fact that ‘’Love’’ is a chemical reaction and the secretion of chemical substance called hormones induces the lust feel of what is called ‘’love’’. Despite the debate sustain regarding the emergence and existence of the feeling called love, the scientific thesis and psychological polling among the individuals of same age and differing age is being carried out times per times. Over all the whole explanation about love by means of psychological and the chemical thesis drains out the fact that Love bifurcates in two differing ways. Let talk about in detail what is exactly dealing with the chemical or the psychological reaction called Love. Various theoretical evaluations help the scholars and experts to evaluate the feeling of love. 

Or it’s just biological?

Love at first sight is dramatic and totally fantasy comes for the case of teens and young couples. However, many debates arise arguing the fact that the love is entirely based on chemical reaction. Various scientists and DNA specialists are in queue to submit their thesis impervious. According to them, Love is the essence of feeling endorsed with the accumulation of excessive secretion of Dopamine, Vasopressin, Oxytocin and related neurochemicals. The secretion of these chemicals eventually lead to the chemical reaction called Love and it is purely dependent on the individual who intact with each other. Numerous researches are being carried out intimating love as the chemical reaction and a sudden reaction that occur between the two who met first in time. At the same time, there exists a controversial thought stressing the fact that love is dependent on the psychological feeling two people contain for each other.

Real Life Examples

To state clearly and to deal in detail all about the title of this article, a brief discussion is known to take place regard what experts are saying about ‘’Love’’. Certain real examples are put forth in this article which may give an elaborate explanation about the feeling. To begin with the German chemist Adolf Butenandt who released a thesis claiming that the chemical reaction occurs in the female silk worm thereby inviting male worms to mate. A chemical substance is secreted and released by female silk worms to attract and invite male ones for mating. The German chemist is stressing the fact that Love is completely based on chemical reaction and chemical substance synthesizes. 

Again and after the above confession proving Love is based on chemical interference, many different mode and thesis followed trying to accept the concept. Followed by the above experimental evidence, later in 1990s another explanation insisting that there is chance of attachment for pair bonding stated by ‘’cuddle chemical’’ thesis. Latest research on Love thesis implementing polling system conducted by the year 2005, the method asked the people to poll regarding the thought of Love and its chemical reaction followed by the feeling. 

So, What Happened?

In this method, people asked to poll their vote and expose their part on which side they fall. Either stating Love as chemical reaction or denoting that it is psychological dependence and with reference to the polling strategy, about 66% of people accepted that love is complete chemical reaction that occurs between two people instantly they meet each other. Whereas about 34% of people denied that Love is not the chemical reaction and it does not depend on secretion of chemicals like hormones but it is purely a ken of scientific analysis. This polling system helped lot to get a conclusion about Love.

Despite the poling system persist and insist the facts that love are purely based on chemical reaction occurring between two who meet at first time. They start loving each other and execute further feeling of lust, etc, etc, due to the effects of hormonal secretion. For sure, this polling method may not be satisfactory to prove that what is Love exactly? What the role it plays in the human body as a sign of chemical reaction in accordance being the chemical reaction oriented? As an answer to the questions mentioned above again a detailed description is being indispensible at this point of time.

Another Celebrity Come Forth

Many different sources are put forth proving the fact that Love is a chemical process. As an instance, former American actress, who was Swedish native by birth, Greta Garbo stated, ”Love is a romantic designation that is overplayed by means of biological or chemical process or reaction.  Followed by the American actress many different sources are stressing the fact that Love is known to be eccentrically based on chemical reaction and it is not absolutely psychological drive.”

More and more literal thesis can and are submitted in the past stressing the fact all about Love in the positive aspect as the title of this article but healthy debates are being carried away between two segments of people accepting and denying the fact. In accordance to highlight that Love happens to be chemically oriented reactions that occur in human being as a sign or token of affection. And as result of this thought, the familiar psychologist belonging to American nativity named as Dorothy Tennov has stated in her point of view all regarding the Love. In which she stated that Love is characterized as ambivalent rejection combined with intrusive thinking. This point is correlated with French writer and his thought about love. 


Leaving behind all the crisis and criteria that highlight the thesis of Love and the feeling of two mutual persons who fall in such a wonderful feeling of affection, one absolute fact stressing is something eternal and divine to think for. So, Love is something and purely chemical based feeling that held with complete ideologies of biological response. The article concludes the concept of purely chemical based feeling is love and it does not respond to the psychological imbalance which in turn believes to interrupt the secretion of chemical substance called hormones and divert the feeling of love for each other.